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Cedar Rapids non-profit cares for dog who was shot in the mouth | Top Stories

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) — Critter Crusaders received Ashland last week after she was shot in the face while tending to her puppies.

The nonprofit Cedar Rapids released a statement on her recovery, saying, “She looks perfect on the outside. No animal deserves to be intentionally harmed. We’re going to do this horrible wrong, again. Once.”

A young dog, Ashland suffered jaw and mouth injuries. While able to care for her puppies, she is unable to eat regular food due to her injuries, including missing sections of her jawbone, gums and teeth. Critter Crusaders says on their Facebook that they have two different gunshot-wounded dogs in their care.

Ashland was seen by Frey Pet Hospital on Tuesday for an open jaw fracture that poses a risk of infection. She was put on antibiotics but has a long road to recovery. The Critter Crusaders crew is in contact with UW Madison Dental and Surgical Services and plans to take her in for a treatment consultation on Friday.

In their latest post, Critter Crusades touched on their bond with the injured animal.

“Ashland is just a beautiful soul, inside and out. Although you can’t see her hurts, all of us who have come to know and love her carry her pain in our hearts,” they said.

On their Facebook, Critter Crusaders say they expect the dog to have at least one surgery, with more tests and treatments to come. If you’d like to donate or follow Ashland’s recovery, visit their Facebook here.