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Former Bucknell employee charged with stealing over $26,000 | Crime reports

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. – An old Bucknell University an employee is accused of using a college credit card to purchase more than $26,000 worth of items for her personal use.

Tonya M. Struble, 39, of Mifflinburg, has been charged with a felony access device fraud after university officials discovered she made an unauthorized charge to a credit card university from February 7 to May 26.

In total, nearly 140 transactions were made on the university’s card, with most purchases being made on Amazon. Daniel Strailey, a Bucknell Public Safety Department officer, said Struble’s first charge on Feb. 7 was for towing mirrors to fit a pickup truck in the amount of $179. The documentation provided by Struble for the prosecution was for a 65-inch by 24-inch full-length floor mirror.

After that, Struble billed for unauthorized items for his personal use almost every day. Many of the charges were for household items including a toilet, wardrobe and mirror. The objects are not on the university campus, according to the affidavit prepared by Strailey.

Struble also made several unauthorized charges at Selinsgrove Lowe’s, Dollar General in Mifflinburg and Walmart in Lewisburg. A few of the charges related to clothing which Struble documented on his transaction report that the clothing was for a student whose clothing was damaged by mold. Strailey noted that the university does not replace student clothing.

For Amazon’s fee, Struble would cover the shipping address on its transaction report, Strailey wrote in the affidavit. Items were shipped to his home address in Mifflinburg.

Struble also used the college card to pay for tire services at an auto shop and for his own garbage disposal.

Struble was arraigned Aug. 30 at the office of District Judge Jeffrey A. Rowe, who set bail at $25,000 without collateral.

Struble has previously been charged in Montour County with falsifying her clearances when she applied in March for a job with Geisinger in Danville.

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