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You are thinking of buying a franchise in 2013 as an investment that is profitable, that makes money and that gives to expand, that is the desire of every person who looks for a good franchise to invest. To make it easier to choose your next business, let’s see what the “best franchises of 2012” were. According to a survey by Serasa Experian the best franchise was the Hering Store.

The Hering Store won the award as best general franchise and best franchise in the category Clothing, Shoes and Accessories in 2012. Its main factory is located in the city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Hering was founded in 1880 and today represents one of the largest country fashion markets and even internationally.

In order to carry out the research, we considered information such as the growth in sales and the number of franchises opened, as well as the participation of the franchise in the sector in which it is inserted. Regarding products, the highlights of 2012 were Boticário in the branch of perfumery, Multicoisas in the branch of decoration and gifts and Megamatte, specialized in items of cafeteria and confectionery.

Business Franchise- Bank Loans


Business Franchise- Bank Loans


In the food business the seller was Griletto, a network specialized in grills and pasta, with a total of 72 stores and focusing on new units in small towns. The food business as a whole represents an essential part of the economy, also moving the franchise business. Franchises such as Subway, Bob’s, Mc’Donalds and Burger King are highly targeted by anyone who wants to invest in something with a high success rate, although these franchises are among the most expensive to acquire.

The education industry shows that it has been growing a lot in recent years, with Cebrac winning the category of training and courses, On Byte as an emerging revelation, Fisk as language teaching and Kummon as the best micro franchise in 2012. With the arrival of the international sporting events that will be based in Brazil, the bet is that the education area will grow even more, aiming the preparation of manpower to attend foreign tourists who will be present at these events.

The service area as a whole has been showing rapid growth in all segments. In the area of ​​health and well-being, the best franchise elected was Sorridents, which specializes in dental care for the C-Class. 5àSec, a network of laundries with stores all over Brazil, was the best franchise in cleaning and conservation services. Other prominent in providing services were iGUi Piscinas, Localiza Rent a Car with the car rental and Nobel Bookstore in the leisure area.

With the growth and recognition of these and other franchises in Brazil, the number of people interested in becoming franchisees also grows.

For this reason, large franchise networks have a careful selection process to decide who can be a franchisee, and even after choosing the franchisee, the franchisee must participate in several preparatory courses to ensure that he maintains the procedures for maintaining the quality standard required by the franchise. This and other actions are responsible for placing them among the best franchises in the market . See also: Franchises and franchisors to be or not to be.