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Working from home have been one of the choices for many professionals who need flexibility in their schedules to reconcile quality of life and even other jobs. Known as “Home Based” or “Home Office”, work at home have their advantages and also some disadvantage in relation to fulfilling professional activities indoors such as in an office or bank, for example.

The most common in home based jobs are online work and Home Office jobs, both offer many benefits as well as great risks and dangers. Unlike a closed work-at-home arrangement , the chance for you to lean against a sofa or comfortable armchair for a few minutes of relaxation is much greater.

Another very important detail is the income, although it is proven a very well paid activity, to make money and to compose an income that pays all the bills and is a little (relative), can take a longer period than being employed in a private company.


In recent times it is very common for you to open your browser on the Internet and find various work ads at home from the computer with online access, there are numerous programs and system of work at home and online jobs , the vast majority try to convince you that you can make lots of money over the internet quite easily.

I honestly can not say that every opportunity gives good results, but with every rule there are exceptions, in the market have some programs that really make real money and another not so much. It is not easy for many to leave the employment culture, but with persistence a good part gets on very well.

In the market we can find some work-at-home solutions, let’s look at the examples:

1 -) Work at home Online : Work done at home, usually are activities that do not require an office or commercial room to be exercised, the most common are sales of online products such as free market sellers, e-marketing, application developers, technology services, online teacher, translator, multilevel sales and a plethora of affiliate programs, all can be very helpful for “making money online” at home.


Home based Franchise


Home based Franchise


2 -) Home office jobs : This is the dream of every worker, to be employed by a private company working at home, but, have production goals, make no mistake! They are easy to find and are available in large companies in various segments, it is good for the employee and excellent for the company that contains unnecessary costs depending on the function.

3) Home Based Franchises : In the market can be found with very low initial cost, franchise income for work at home are cheap, the gains can be huge, in general it is possible to be franchised in the service delivery segments, maintenance, aesthetics and beauty, study and education, gardening, commercial and automotive cleaning and many others.

If you are wanting to make money working from home, what is not lacking are opportunities to get a good activity, just have a detail, before accepting any proposal check all the possibilities to not waste your time in a hole, search the internet, participate from forums, contact people who already work to draw their own conclusions. The services are easy, but must have a lot of determination, persistence and objectivity to be thriving in the business.