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Government urged to involve businessmen in policy-making

The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has urged the government to involve the private sector in the consultation process and develop policies after getting their input to pull the economy out of the current challenges.

In a statement, ICCI Chairman Muhammad Shakeel Munir also assured the Prime Minister that the business community would fully support the government in its efforts to make Pakistan a progressive and prosperous country.

Munir also congratulated Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on his election as Prime Minister and extended his best wishes to him. He said Shahbaz Sharif is an accomplished businessman and is well aware of the key issues in the business world that require urgent corrective measures to improve the economy. He urged the new government to launch the reform process on a priority basis to revive the economy.

He said there was a dire need to further promote the ease of doing business to boost industrialization and exports. He pointed out the many challenges facing the economy including the depreciation of the Rupee, rising debt burden, high interest rates, soaring inflation, falling currencies, cost high energy and rising circular debt that require priority government attention to address.

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He urged the government to take strong measures to facilitate the private sector so that it can grow rapidly and play a more effective role in the country’s economic development.