Home Based Franchises – Be Your Own Boss without Leaving Home


With the new year, the spirits of new challenges and projects are in full bloom. The period is ideal for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and intend to innovate with new business. Is it your case? Great! Did you know that it is possible to have your company in the house? That’s it! Save hours of traffic, have the freedom to create, among many other advantages of being an entrepreneur through a franchise in your home.

The franchises known as “home based franchises” have low investment values, starting at R $ 3,000, and can generate income of up to R $ 100,000 per month. And the advantages do not stop there! The cost remains low because it will not be necessary to pay office rent, given by the space in the house, and monthly bills such as electricity, water and telephone are assigned to the domestic budget without many changes.

The main sectors that move this new profile of networks are: building maintenance, people caretakers, school reinforcement, gardening, commercial cleaning and automotive. The dynamics of customer service is basically carried out by emails or telephone.


Home Franchise


Home Franchise



Have you identified yourself with the “home based franchises” or were you interested in becoming an entrepreneur in your own home? Attention! Accountability and discipline are essential to creating and maintaining your ever-active customer portfolio. For being in a family environment, be careful with the connected TV, the children, the neighbors, among many other factors that can divert your attention.

You know that happy hour that’s going to start earlier on Wednesday because of the football match? Let go until you have done all your chores. Since you can organize your schedules yourself, it does not mean that you can throw everything up and do two hours of lunch, for example.

Another important factor is keeping all the documentation of your home based franchises up to date. Do not be an adjunct to your own career! The plus point of being franchised is the franchisor’s assistance in administration, finance and marketing. Everything to make the establishment a success.

No discouragement! Working alone, without co-workers, can decrease the motivation for the enterprise, the important thing is to keep self-motivation always on.

Now the most important! Have quality in your services and products. As we know, happy customers always come back and in this way, it will be increasingly possible for them to have a business in harmony and profitability.