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Do you know the purpose of Sebrae? Understand the opportunities that the organization offers microentrepreneurs, including the Sebrae loan. Microenterprises, especially in this era of economic recession, have been one of the main allies for the development of the country. In spite of this, they are also the most vulnerable to the crisis and therefore need all the support to be able to keep working.


What is the organization and how to get a loan 


What is the organization and how to get a loan at Sebrae


A loan can be a good investment for many of the existing small businesses. Today, knowing where to find a partner, investor or partner is ideal for this endeavor to be a success. Sebrae can be your partner in obtaining financing and credit for your business. So, find out how the loan works at Sebrae and how the organization can help your business grow. This can help your business survive the crisis.

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service is an organization dedicated to helping both the individual microentrepreneur, MEI and the Brazilian microenterprises. The organization offers consulting, courses and assistance in the planning of these companies. As such, Sebrae is a private non-profit entity created in 1972. The purpose of the entity is to promote the competitiveness and development of micro and small enterprises and foster entrepreneurship.

Sebrae also acts in the process of formalizing the economy through partnerships with the public and private sectors, training programs, fairs and business roundtables. Currently, the entity is present in several states of the country.


Partnerships to Obtain Credit and Business Loan


First, you should know that Sebrae does not have its own financing programs. The entity acts more as a mediator. Through the entity you can seek funding from financial institutions such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Bradesco, credit unions that offer this service.

One tip to help your microenterprise is to get Sebrae and get in touch with the financing and loans offered by BNDES. The BNDES Developer Channel MPME is a solution for those seeking investment. This is a funding fund intended primarily for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

To apply, simply go to the channel’s website, answer few questions about yourself and your company, tell you what types of investments you need resources and, of course, choose the agents you want to do business with. Head to Sebrae and see what is the best option for you.


Fampe may be the solution to carry out financing for your business


Fampe may be the solution to carry out financing for your business

Getting a good lender or guarantor for your company can be difficult. And often an unpleasant task. This is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to applying for a loan, since many financiers and companies ask for this guarantor.

The Micro and Small Business Guarantee Fund (Fampe) can help microenterprise guarantee this guarantor. This Sebrae program helps both micro and small businesses as the individual microentrepreneur and find the best financing.

In order to request the support of the program, it is necessary to meet the requirements adopted by the financial institutions, with emphasis on the presentation of payment capacity, to have shares of the resources to be invested, to know the business market, not to present a cadastral restriction and to have a part the necessary guarantees for the contracting of the credit.

Care needed when applying for a loan in Sebrae


The ease in getting credit can make you forget that this is more of a debt than you are making. It is necessary that the entrepreneur takes great care when applying for this credit. Especially when it comes to small businesses that already have difficulties to stay active.

To apply for the loan at Sebrae it is good that you verify well what are the conditions so that you do not get in debt yet. First, pay attention to interest rates. Do the calculation well and check the term of payment of the installments.

Get help from a professional. An accountant can help you escape from trappings at the time of signing the loan agreement, especially when your company is a beginner. Know your flow of money and capital. It is necessary that the entrepreneur knows exactly the value of the benefit that can pay and how much income can invest in this payment of debts.

Finding the best investment for your business is one of the most successful ways to invest in the future. Check how Sebrae can help your microenterprise get the best loan and give it a raise in your business.