Microentrepreneur Loans – What Is It And Who Can It Be? Know Everything!




The microentrepreneur is the creator of opportunities that in practice wants to open a business, which finds chances to create products or services in any situation, even in the crisis. By the way, it was precisely in this period that Brazil registered an incredible number of small entrepreneurs, reaching the mark of 6 million MEI according to the Portal of the Entrepreneur, administered by the Federal Government.


Who can be or is already Microentrepreneur?


Maybe you’re a micro-entrepreneur and you do not know that. But in practice, those who work alone and on their own are considered a small entrepreneur, such as hairdresser, tattoo artist, cosmetics retailer, among other professionals who work in a liberal way and own up to one employee.

But before you think about formalization, you need to see if you meet the requirements set by the government. Let us better understand how microentrepreneurs work?


Understand the law of the Microentrepreneur


 Understand the law of the Microentrepreneur


The law governing the microentrepreneur is Complementary No. 128/2008, which amended the General Law of Micro and Small Enterprises (Complementary Law 123/2006), creating the figure of the Individual Microentrepreneur. According to the Federal Government, this position includes the small individual entrepreneur who meets the following requirements:

  • Have a billing limited to R $ 81,000.00 per year
  • That you do not participate as a partner, administrator or owner of another company;
  • Hire at most one employee;
  • Exercise one of the economic activities provided in Annex XIII, of the Resolution of the National Simples Manager Committee No. 94/2011, which lists all the activities allowed to MEI.



How to become an MEI and legalize my activity?


 How to become an MEI and legalize my activity?

To register as an individual microentrepreneur, the so-called MEI, you must enter the Entrepreneur Portal and register online. It’s simple and you will only need some personal information and the activities you do.

If you need more specific information about the MEI register, check out a didactic explanation produced by the SEBRAE team, an entity that plays an important role in the lives of small entrepreneurs as well. Here at the Loan Portal we also have some relevant articles for those who wish to have their own business.

Only it can not formalize the registration of the MEI in three situations:

  • Who is an active federal pensioner or civil servant. However, state and municipal officials may observe the criteria of MEI legislation, which may vary according to the state or municipality.
  • Foreigner with temporary visa, person who does not have the RNE (National Register of Foreigners).
  • Person who is already an owner, partner or administrator of another company.

In addition, there are situations that may also vary when opening the MEI. Find out more by accessing the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Entrepreneur Portal.


Microentrepreneur Obligations


 Microentrepreneur Obligations


Some obligations are naturally imposed on the microentrepreneur. For example, when you formalize your business you will not pay anything for the process and you can do everything online without having to go to the trade board.

The microentrepreneur rate is monthly, taxes are around R $ 47.70 from INSS plus an increase according to the service modality. R $ 5 reais for Service Providers or R $ 1 reais for Commerce and Industry.


Remember that its formalization as MEI is only proven through the Certificate of the Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI), this issued by the portal of the entrepreneur.


The Benefits of Being an Official Microentrepreneur


 The Benefits of Being an Official Microentrepreneur

There are many advantages to formalizing the official microentrepreneur, the MEI. Formalizing by itself already a kind of business citizenship and from it opens up many other possibilities.

Experts in the area stress that the first benefit is social security. the small business owner will be able to keep up with the government and will protect himself and the employee himself by paying the taxes and taxes related to the company structure. That is, in practice, if you become ill you can count on the sickness aid after 1 year of contribution.

Another important advantage of being an MEI is access to credit. The company when open has can grow and often, the credit is to be able to invest in equipment or capabilities. Who has the MEI can justly win this benefit more easily, more attractive conditions than for the physical person, for example. So do not waste time and formalize your business.

And do not forget to check some details before its formalization as MEI. The interested party can not receive any social security benefit, you should seek the city hall to check if the desired activity can be performed at the chosen location. And check out the activities that fit as a microentrepreneur.