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Toronto Police

Quoted: Logan R. Hanchin, 21, 49800 Annapolis Road, Bloomingdale’s, stop sign violation.

Winterville Police

Quoted: Ashley M. Aguilera, 31, 128 Sunny Acres Drive, driving with suspension and speeding; and Kenneth Bryant Jr., 38, Tarrant, Texas, expired license and speeding.

City: Hardin Martin, 20, 3267, rue Saint-Charles, Steubenville; Sarah M. Morgan, 39, 308 North Third St., Toronto; Morgan M. Ryan, 26, 110 Westview Drive, Follansbee; Joslynn Scott, 22, Orange, Fla.; Benjamin Calvert, 48, 250 Cunningham Lane, Steubenville; Trevor D. Fante, 20, 4502 St. Andrew Drive, Steubenville; Jaimee Rymarkiewwicz, 19, 3038 Glendwell Road, Steubenville; Izak J. McClurg, 19, 3420 State Route 213, Steubenville; and Shantell Mitchell, 20, 1537 Euclid Ave., Steubenville, all for speeding.

Quote: Christian Warner, 45, 119 Opal Blvd., Steubenville, public indecency; and Kenneth R. Bryant, 38, Apartment 14, 430 Canton Road, possession of an addiction device.

Jefferson County Sheriff

High school angst: A 15-year-old from Jefferson County is in trouble after texting bullying, harassment and threats to someone who didn’t get along with his 16-year-old girlfriend, Oct. 4 . The complainant reported to the guidance counsellors, she was receiving text messages urging her to “go kill yourself…put a shotgun to the roof of your mouth…slit your wrists…hang yourself, idc” and told deputies she was with her father when she received a phone call from a man telling her to “drive off a cliff and if you don’t kill yourself, I’ll kill you.” His 16-year-old girlfriend told MPs she had also received unwanted and accusatory texts from a random number suggesting she was going to be beaten and which she initially believed were from the complainant, worsening their relationship already tense. The man, her boyfriend, finally admitted that he had sent the texts, but did not realize how much trouble he could get for what he said. His girlfriend said she had no idea he was behind the messages they received, advising him “I thought he would take care of things in person.” He claimed he never told the girl that if she didn’t kill herself, he would.

No apologies: A Hammondsville woman says her adult son insisted she tickle his arm and when she refused, called her names and started arguing with her on Sunday. She said they started yelling at each other and she told him to leave, but instead he grabbed her and “began to dominate” her, finally grabbing him by the hair and pushing his head to the ground on concrete. She told him to leave and he finally did. She said he told her he was off the suboxin and had been throwing up all day.

Methamphetamine will do it: Residents of Mingo Junction wanted a man removed from their home after he rushed “complaining about ‘demons’ and the fact that his family is not well on Sunday. He said his mother and grandmother were yelling at him to come out and did not know why, and told deputies he thought that his family was “crazy.” His grandmother said she knew he was a meth smoker and thought he was stoned when he showed up at her house. When he started complaining about demons and his family , his mother told him that she told him to calm down and she would take him somewhere else for the night, but he kept screaming, they both said he wouldn’t stop screaming, but he did not become physical. The deputies took him elsewhere for the evening.

Cashed in: A Rayland woman and her adult daughter were fighting over rent money on Monday. The girl admitted that she was supposed to pay $300 a month to stay with them, but she was small, so they agreed on $200, but claimed her mother started arguing with her, so to avoid conflict, she left for Friday night and gave her mother the other $100 and apologized. They let her in, and while she was getting ready for work, they started fighting again. She said she burst into the hallway and opened the bathroom door, not realizing her mother was inside and the door hit her. Her parents said they would like her removed from the residence, telling deputies their daughter had also scratched her mother’s brand new car. The girl agreed to leave for the day but said she had to get her clothes from the house, but her mother said she was scared so she gathered them herself rather than letting her in.

Light: An intoxicated 21-year-old assaulted his younger brother, grabbing him by the throat and throwing him into a grill on the porch on Saturday. The teenager said his father broke up the fight and then brought his brother home drunk. He initially told deputies he wanted to press charges because he was tired of his brother being abusive to him, but then his father called him and after arguing with him about the lawsuit charges, he changed his mind.

Alarming: MPs heard a Mount Pleasant man was texting his ex-wife asking her to come home and if she didn’t it would be bad for others on October 6. She said he also told her that he wanted “the rest of his weapons that remained inside the house, otherwise he would start shooting”, they said. The deputies spoke with his sons, who took them inside and waited while they watched over their father. They said he was sleeping upstairs and told them he was fine, although he admitted to drinking too much. They said he told them he loved them before he went back to sleep.

Lucky: A wallet found outside a business in Mingo Junction contained credit cards and $650 in cash on Saturday. The business owner gave it to a deputy and he returned it to the owner.

Burned: Pipes, a partially rolled blunt and other marijuana paraphernalia were found in a car full of minors after deputies spotted it parked on the Burnout Bridge on Route 166 in Cross Creek Township on Monday. The three minors, two girls and a boy, were returned to their families.

Denial: Deputies carrying out a welfare check on a woman living with her boyfriend in Tiltonsville said she confirmed they had a falling out but insisted it did not get physical , sunday. Deputies said the boyfriend appeared “drunk and lazy” when they questioned him and admitted that they had both been drinking beer and a fireball. The woman’s face was flushed around her eyes, but she insisted it was one of her children who punched her in the face when they were playing earlier.

Something is wrong: A Hammondsville woman who was run over by her own vehicle months ago told deputies her parents picked up her vehicle from her boyfriend’s Brush Creek Township residence, but the catalytic converter and brake lines were missing on Saturday.

Burgled: A Warren man said someone broke into his warehouse in Hammondsville on Sunday. Catalytic converters were stolen from two vehicles, along with a heavy-duty jack, a dark green 2011 Polaris Ranger Crew ATV, two Stihl chainsaws, a Stihl brushcutter, a commercial water pump, a planer saw, a table, five white propane tanks, electric drill, Craftsman tool box, yellow Champion 4000 watt generator (dual fuel), air compressor, mountain bike, thermal scope for a rifle, girl of 12,000 pounds and many other hand and power tools. Deputies said the theft took place within the past week.

Steubenville Police

Entrance and exit: A man exiting Gaylord Towers said a tan-coloured car pulled into the exit, hitting his vehicle, on Monday. Police said his vehicle had heavy damage to the bumper and light housing on the front passenger side. He said the other driver drove around the parking lot and left the area.

Need to be a parent: A Carnegie Street resident reported minors throwing objects at her car and apartment on Monday.

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