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Sienna Miller Says Sun Newspaper Tried To ‘Take Advantage Of Its Misery’ In Settlement Case

The sun is scum. The dirty label of British tabloids is an irreparable hive of corruption, cruelty, conservative propaganda and reported criminal activity. After the scandal of telephone hacking that sent waves in the UK there are almost ten years, there has been little or no change to the status quo disgusting. News Group Newspapers, the The organization owned by Rupert Murdoch denies the illegal activities but no one believes them.

Lately, they’ve offered a whole host of settlements to big-name celebrities who have sued them for alleged phone hacking and harassment. This week, actress Sienna Miller received what would be one of Rupert Murdoch’s most important regulations for organizing victims of phone hacking. Although the exact size of the payment is confidential, Miller has refused to remain silent about the torrent of swearing and targeted invasion of her life that she has received for years thanks to the tabloid.

Speaking outside of court yesterday, Miller said the newspaper’s actions “shattered me, damaged my reputation – sometimes beyond repair” and left him in “a state of intense paranoia and fear. During the early years of his career, Miller was bombarded with press attacks, mainly because of his relationship with Jude Law. I remember that time and felt like there wasn’t a day that went by without a bunch of headlines about Miller’s looks, the life of love, style, family, and alleged bad behavior. . While News Group Newspapers denies that any illegal information collection took place at The sun and settled the claim without admission of liability, Miller’s attorney said the settlement “amounts” to an admission.

In court, a statement read by Miller’s attorney revealed how “horrified” she was to see court documents which she said showed reporter Nick Parker had claimed expenses and met with a “medical records tracer. “to discuss a 2005 pregnancy. Miller said she believes Christine Hart’s medical records were tracer, medical information that was allegedly obtained private and appeared to have issued an invoice for” Sienns (sic) Miller is looking for pregnant . “

During the Leveson inquiry, Miller spoke of how she was taken to accuse family and friends of selling information about her to the press after a very private part of his life had made his way to tabloids. She also discussed the fear of being hunted in dark alleys by men with cameras who screamed and spat on it, and in the cars chasing her “highly illegal conduct. “

In her statement to the press, Miller noted that she had wanted to pursue her case until a full trial, but that this option was not available to people without “countless millions.” She said she hoped someone would eventually have the means to do so and that she would willingly come forward as a witness if necessary. This is the problem of the so-called freedom of the press. When obscene media monopolies control everything, they are immune to liability because, unless you are Jeff Bezos, no one can spend more on you. The so-called independent press commissions in the UK are ridiculously inept. It will take someone with serious weight and a steadfast fearlessness to the heinous cruelty of the tabloids to bring their case to court.

Unrelated but hey, did you know that Prince Harry’s case against The Sun, News from the World, announce it Daily Mirror on phone hacking could come to court Next year?

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