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Start of cheap meat sales in Farm Credit Union markets

Start of cheap meat sales in Farm Credit Union markets

Minister Kirişci said: “The sale of cheap meat has started from today in 15 sales outlets of the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK) and 20 of the Agricultural Credit Cooperative Markets, 18 at 150% below current market averages, so our citizens can eat cheap meat during Ramadan. mentioned.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci, made assessments on the agenda. Noting that the issue of food has come to the fore during Ramadan, Kirişci said the supply chain around the world has been disrupted during the outbreak and there have been abnormal increases in commodity prices. .

Expressing that there has been an increase in energy prices, Minister Kirişci said: “During the return to normal life, a state of war broke out between the two neighboring countries north of the Black Sea. Everyone was again shaken by the global impact of this war. In the war environment, the second crisis was experienced in the supply of Turkey and the countries of the world. Turkey, in terms of its natural assets, its agricultural production capacity and as a state, has the capacity to manage crises in such times. We had measures that we took at home, on time and in the right quantity. Thanks to them, there were no problems. he said.


Kirişci said that if there was a global problem with oilseeds, especially grains, due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Turkey was trying to get out of it with minimal effects.

Emphasizing that no country in the world is self-sufficient, Kirişci said:

“We also have agricultural products that we sell to the United States, which does not mean that the United States is not self-sufficient. Let’s not ignore the producer of this country and the products it produces. Regarding cereals, Turkey imports wheat, but a significant part of imported wheat is imported and exported due to a special application which we call domestic flour, bulgur and pasta processing. There is a supply shortage for some products. There is a supply deficit of 1 to 2 million tonnes of maize and almost 40% of sunflower. If we say we have to produce the products that we import into our country, we have to add about 23 million hectares of land to our existing 4.5 million hectares of agricultural land. It’s not something that can happen right away. We need to use agricultural inputs effectively and efficiently. Turkey does not produce. Turkey ranks 4th in the world for vegetables and 6th for fruits. To say “Turkey does not produce” would be unfair to the producer of this country. There is a farmer who produces in all conditions.


Vahit Kirişci said that strategic products should be prioritized and said, “As a country, we need to produce products that are the raw materials for flour, oil and sugar. Here, importance must be given to cereals, pulses, fodder crops, oilseeds and sugar. There is animal production, which is the opposite of crop production. Meat, milk, eggs, we need food for these. We will meet the products which are the raw materials of meat, milk and eggs. We are a country whose population is increasing by one million every year. The population of the country, which was 2002 million in 65, is today 85 million, there are 5 million refugees. Have you heard the saying “We are hungry”? They also consume what this country produces. This country is able to accommodate 75 to 100 million tourists. used the sentences.

Pointing out that the sunflower oil price increase and what happened is speculative, Kirişci said that there were increases in the price of agricultural inputs.


Stating that there is no product that is not available in Turkey, that there is no gap between high prices and product availability and product access, Minister Kirişci underlined that there is no problem of fattening and stocks of animals to be slaughtered.

Kirişci said: “Turkey has no problem with cattle and sheep. With the instructions of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, sales of cheap meat have started from today, in 15 sales outlets of the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK) and 20 of the cooperative markets of agricultural credit, 18 to 150% below current market averages. , so that our fellow citizens can eat cheap meat during the month of Ramadan. This will continue throughout the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, our fellow citizens should not delay their interest in meat. he said.