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Todd Chrisley slammed with another lawsuit according to reports

This year has been very trying for Todd Chrisley, and things are not improving. In June, the TV personality accused of tax evasion and bank fraud with his wife, Julie Chrisley, was found guilty. While their sentencing date has been pushed back to November 21, Chrisley has yet another legal issue.

The reality TV star, best known for her time on the reality TV show “Chrisley knows bestwas recently sued for defamation. This case isn’t the first time Chrisley has had legal drama with plaintiff Amy Doherty-Heinze. The former investigator was responsible for looking into the star’s finances in the past.

In the recent lawsuit, the Georgia Department of Revenue alum claimed the 53-year-old defamed her on her “Chrisley Confessions” podcast by spreading several lies about her.

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Todd Chrisley was hit with another lawsuit


According Page 6, Heinze filed a complaint on Thursday, September 22. The document said Chrisley had “falsely and maliciously” accused the former investigator of suspicious activity during the previous investigation.

Heinze also claimed the star brought up her name twice during one episode and accused her of breaking the law and being dishonest. He then noted that Heinze should be investigated and charged instead.

The document also says the ‘Shaknado’ star lobbied for a ‘campaign’ to have her company fire her and slandered her name on several episodes of her podcast. This allegation comes after the ex-investigator sued him in 2021 for the same offence. While he was relentless, she decided to sue him again.

Todd Chrisley was sued last year

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Heinze sued the “30-Rock: A One-Time Special” star in July 2021 for a similar offense by Page 6. At the time, she alleged that Chrisley repeatedly called her out on her podcast and social media pages. He also accused her of “a multitude of crimes and wrongdoings” while she was tasked with investigating his finances in 2017.

While the case is still ongoing, it hit the star with another lawsuit this year after he allegedly refused to recant and apologize. The legal battle marks the second Chrisley faces in 2022 after being convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and tax fraud earlier in June.

The Chrisley couple face up to 30 years in prison for the crime. In response, the couple claimed the witness “lied” and filed a motion for a new trial. Their sentencing was later postponed due to their petition.

Todd and Julie Chrisley have been found guilty

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Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley have been charged with multiple counts of tax, banking and electronic fraud. They allegedly applied for loans with false documents. The lawsuit also alleged that the ‘What’s Cooking With Julie’ star used fake bank statements and credit reports to pay rent on a California home.

Following this, the court jointly found the couple guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States and conspiracy to commit tax evasion and bank fraud. The court also found the mother of three guilty of obstruction of justice and wire fraud.

As the couple await sentencing, which could put them behind bars for three decades, they asked their fans to put them in prayer.

Todd Chrisley asked fans for their prayers

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Chrisley left a message for fans on a June episode of her podcast. As he was overwhelmed by the situation, he expressed how grateful he was for their ‘messages’, ‘flower arrangements’, ‘letters’ and ‘the gifts people leave on our doorsteps’.

While he “greatly appreciated” the gestures, he wished the fans would stop. He explained why, saying, “we don’t want you… wasting your money on things like this.” He also asked them to pray for him and his family while insisting they didn’t “need anything”. He said, “So really, the best gift you can give us is prayer.”

The ‘Growing Up Chrisley’ star also revealed that “it’s been a whirlwind” for the Chrisley family and they will take down any “naysayers”. He also noted that they were going through a lot but he trusted God to help them. In a later episode, Chrisley insisted he would hold on to his faith and pray to God to do miracles for him.