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UK investment in 5G has already led to £ 1bn increase


The UK government hailed the initial impact of its 5G benchmark program, saying the initiative is already on track to deliver impressive results for the whole country.

Launched in 2020, the 5G Testbeds & Trials program seeks to investigate and invest in the myriad of ways that lightning-fast mobile networks can help boost industries across the UK over the next several years.

Overall, the government estimates the program can bring £ 2.58 billion in benefits to the nation, equivalent to around £ 15 for every £ 1 invested.

5G boost in the UK

In its official report on the findings and lessons learned so far from the report, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) noted that although “solid progress has been made in the getting its results in the short term … the true magnitude of the impact on the long term results will only be measurable in the years to come. “

The report highlighted the initial success of particularly successful health and social care (improved patient outcomes and costs) and manufacturing (increased productivity).

Investments in R&D using 5G have also led to improvements across the UK supply chain, with the use of connected and autonomous vehicles set to increase in the coming years. The use of 5G compatible drones to improve logistics information on cargo and freight tracking was also mentioned as a potential success, as well as the use of drones to allow farmers to remotely monitor and verify their crops while throughout the year.

In the mainstream space, the use of 5G to deliver ‘enhanced visitor experiences’ using virtual and augmented reality, supported by advanced computing powered by 5G, has been mentioned as a boost to tourism, sports and the arts.

Looking ahead, the report notes that 30 5G projects are still underway in the UK, meaning more benefits could be seen in the years to come, with the program expected to continue its large-scale investments across the UK. UK.

“It will take years to see the full impact of our trials, even after they are completed,” the report notes.

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