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How much does it cost to open a franchise? Starting a business of your own is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. But many are discouraged when they think of the job of starting from scratch, signing a name on the market, forming a clientele … All this takes a lot of time and a lot of investment. For these and other reasons the search for franchises is growing more every day. People looking for companies already consolidated in the market, of known brand and faithful public to increase their chances of success in business. But do you know how much it costs to open a franchise?


Investments Loans for Franchise


Investments Loans for Franchise


The investment needed to open a franchise will depend on the segment, the region and the brand you want to cross. To help you know a little better what are the investments needed to open a franchise, we separate for you some important information and tips. First it is important to note that there are two possible types of business that can be purchased through franchises: those that require specific locations and those that can be made at home.

The most common are those that require a store, office or other location that serves as the basis for the customers to be received and the products marketed. This type is usually the one that consumes the most resource to start operations.

In the food business, for example, franchises such as Bob’s can cost from R $ 555 thousand to 1.3 million for opening, counting the franchise fee plus the installation capital for the construction of the physical structure plus working capital . The time of return of the invested capital in the Bob’s case is estimated between 36 and 48 months from the date of inauguration.

The case quoted above is of a network of snack bars recognized worldwide, but it is possible to open franchise of other brands in the food industry from R $ 30 thousand, such as Espetinhos Mimi. In the field of education, with investment of equal value you can open a franchise of On Byte Professional Training or Teach More School Complements. If you prefer to work with the cosmetics and perfumery branch, you can open a Ares Perfumes franchise starting at R $ 50,000.

There are also the types of business that do not require the physical structure to receive customers as it is the company that goes up to the customer, so they are called home based. Want to open franchise to work from home, then check out the examples of this type of franchise: Brahma Chopp Cart, Landfill Franchise, Light Depil Franchise and Ideal Stages. All these franchises can be opened with total investment of up to R $ 10,000.00 and do not require the leasing or acquisition of a space to perform the services.

To find more information about investment values ​​needed to open a franchise, market sectors and available opportunities you can look for ABF – Brazilian Franchising Association, entity that coordinates and organizes this type of activity in Brazil! See also the articles in the category: Franchises